Our showroom in the Marina of Lagos

Discover Elegance Up Close: Experience Our Curated Collection

Step Into a Vision of Elegance at Our Signature Showroom

Perched by the tranquil waters of Lagos Marina, the HESTYA Showroom embodies the promise of what thoughtful design can aspire to be. Our goal was to display our “Warm Zen” signature concept which aims, through a rigorous selection of dozens of curated products and brands, combine quiet and personalized elegance, timeless design, and practical features.

The space aspires to the seamless integration of form and function, and aims to display a setting where simplicity meets sophistication. As you wander through, you’re invited to imagine living spaces that resonate with quiet luxury, kitchens crafted with intention, and bedrooms that speak to tranquillity. Our team is ready to guide this journey, softly guiding you towards how your unique aspirations can be woven into the fabric of your space.

The HESTYA Showroom on Lagos Marina attempts to offer more than a glimpse into exquisite design—it aims to be a gateway to what your home could become. It’s here that the journey toward a space crafted around your vision begins, subtly unfolding with each step you take within.